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Web optimization is the way to succeed for your website. Since search engine results show that 59 percent of consumers use Google every month to find a reputable, . To get a high positioning on web search engine, one needs to deal with SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Here are top 10 SEO trends for 2017 from Google and experts.First trend is the fresh and premium content. There is a saying that, “Quality written content makes all the difference”. Content is the most vital thing without which no other SEO strategy will work. It is imperative to frequently refresh your site with new content. With the blast of substance, free counterfeiting checkers simply don’t cut it any longer. It is anticipated that this year, there will be a higher interest for good content.Second trend is about Metadata and descriptions. It is an important part of your site. In spite of the fact that it is regularly extremely disregarded, this may cut your SEO down. This is the thing that will appear on a search engine and subsequently it must be impeccable. Each page ought to be legitimately updated with a decent Meta title and a concise description.


Link building is the third trend of SEO. Building a solid system of connections has dependably been critical for a site’s SEO. Google has affirmed that links will keep on being one of the top deciding factors in 2017. Ensure your external links directed towards just valid sites. The nature of your links will be essential also, in deciding your ranking.Fourth trend is optimizing images. Gone are the times of low quality images where the client experiences considerable difficulties if the red blob is a tomato or a cricket ball. It is the period of appealing pictures with higher resolution. It is noticed that RAW images with high resolution will slow the loading process of your page. It is additionally essential to refresh the titles, descriptions and references of the images that you use.Fifth trend is Back link building. It is the procedure by which external websites link their content to your site. As additional back links are directed to your page, it gives your page familiarity. There will be an expansion in the quantity of visitors to your site also.

Sixth trend is Social media presence. The power of web-based social media is continually developing and 2017 will be the same. It is essential to advance your business via social media, which will enhance your viewership, customer base and in addition SEO.Seventh trend is Google business page .A refreshed profile on Google Business is a fundamental prerequisite that each forthcoming and set up business ought to take after, to guarantee better sales.Eight trend is Site responsiveness .In the event that your site is not versatile neighborly expect a sharp drop in SEO in 2017. It is of most extreme significance that your site has a fantastic responsive design. Responsive designs mean that website will run perfectly on every device whether it has a small or large display.

Voice Search is the ninth trend. Voice search is the method of searching of a new era. All people do is ask a question and voice search automatically searches it for the user without even lifting a finger. Soon website owners will have to implement this feature in order to maintain their SEO ranking.Tenth trend is better design. Last however not the least, it is imperative to remain fully informed regarding the most recent outline slants and enhance your plan to help your SEO take off. It is normal that in 2017 SEO will be influenced gigantically by the website architectures. The design should good and efficient. It should also be user friendly so that SEO will not be affected.