Are You Looking for an SEO Agency to Help With Your Google Adwords Campaigns?

Your digital marketing strategy should include some PPC advertising. If you’ve hired an SEO company to handle your Google AdWords campaigns, it’s important that they offer the ability to monitor progress on a regular basis. Google monthly reports will give you an excellent idea of advertising progress. If you’re currently looking for an SEO company. Make sure that they offer expertise in digital marketing for mobile, to integral to your success moving forward. Whether you’re taking care of your Google AdWords campaigns in house or are hiring an SEO agency, it’s important to keep up to date on the best practices for successful conversion. The following list can help you create and monitor your latest campaigns for better results.

Top 5 Tips for Google AdWord Campaign Success

  1. Care With Keywords. The biggest obstacles some marketers face is in trying to make the keyword fit the advertisement when it doesn’t. It’s more important to make sure the advertisement is accurate.  If your customer clicks on a link that promises one thing and gets to a landing page about something totally different conversion will be minimal.  You’re likely to alienate a good portion of your targeting audience.
  2.  Targeting your ads gives you a better benefit. If you know your audience (and you should), you can target ads based on geographic location, types of web behavior, and a number of other factors. You can also use keyword targeting to get an exact or a broad match on your search terms.
  3. Test Frequently. It’s a good practice to also test and assess your results the next day and then again further on in the week. This allows you a better idea of how well your campaign is catching in different areas, whether conversion is higher from specific platforms, or if there are problems with the ad itself.
  4. Remarketing Your Campaign. Your SEO agency should offer a remarketing campaign feature. This allows you to re-target visitors who have already seen the campaign with follow up advertisement, often for a lower price and with excellent conversion rates.
  5. Monitor Your Campaign. Testing is important but it’s equally essential to monitor the results of your campaign. Unlike the outdated marketing campaigns of the past, digital marketing allows you to change your message as new information becomes available. You don’t need to keep running any advertisement that isn’t working. Use the analytics to monitor how the ad is being received and where to invest more time (and less).