Being an introvert of Social Media

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t have idea…..

You think about working day in and day out in the social landscape, but  it seems like a no-man’s land for anyone who is shy and reserved. At first glance, social media can easily seem like a place where the bold and loud thrive in massive following numbers. And less likely to reap the same success for introvert who is even slightly hesitant to send a tweet. I am a social media manager who has, according to my Myers-Briggs personality test, been classified as an introvert.

But can a social media manager afford to be an introvert.? Does it ultimately cost them their job title to be more quiet than boisterous, or worse, make the employer question why they should even work in this field if they’re not actively on at all times? The answer here is yes, introvert can take charge in a social role and still be an introvert – and it may be much better for you than being an extrovert too.

“Groupthinking”…..Provides a voice for irrational thinking and a home for odd opinions..

.In an interview with The Washington Post, author Susan Cain remarked on a theory of “the new groupthink.” Groupthink is when a gathering of a group of people may cause irrational decisions to be made in the heat of the moment in order to ensure that the individual making them is just as like-minded as everyone else there. Groupthink pushes for harmony at all costs and fears rocking the boat with a different viewpoint, lest you be criticized for it or judged. The new groupthink does a similar thing, according to Cain, where meetings are called to come up with new ideas as ideas are said to come from a gregarious place.

For introverts, however, meetings can easily become a place where you can be ignored if you don’t speak up quickly enough. If it’s a sudden unscheduled meeting especially, it can also be hard to convey your ideas out to a group in a way that they can easily understand. They might need some time to collect themselves before presenting. It doesn’t mean that they have nothing to contribute to the meeting, are disinterested, or aren’t paying attention. They just need to take a moment to themselves to collect their thoughts and regroup from there.