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5 Top Ways To Fail In Business

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Here is a post on the top 5 ways to fail in your online business. Failure is just as common as success the problem is most people will not do what it takes to be successful. Everyone is talking about what it takes to be successful but I am going to flip it today and tell you about what it takes to FAIL in your online business:


Be very fearful of the things you need to get done. Don’t let people know what you can give to others and what you can put in the marketplace.  People get started people want to hide behind their website and just share what the company has to offer.

Top Ways To Fail In Business

Today don’t really build relationships if you just want transactions.  It will be hard to build your online business unless  you got a lot of money to just do paid ads and paid strategies.

If you are  afraid of moving forward just because of the unknown. Well what if it does work? If you don’t want succeed then stay afraid and you will  reach your goal of not being successful in your online business.


Don’t worry about getting on that webinar or course or attend that event. Just don’t go.. that can keep yourself from being successful. You have got to get the courses and get connected with a mentor(s). What you think is completely different then what you need to do…

You will never know unless you are in a constant learning mode… it’s constantly a learning experience. One way to avoid success is say “I just wanna push a button” it’s simply not gonna happen


Say to yourself it’s been a couple of weeks I paid my money and it’s not working. Everyone else is making money…where’s mine?  That entitlement attitude is rampant. Everything we do as a society and everyone wants the success just because you joined.

It’s a lot deeper in that, there are no guarantees of your success but one way is to accept failure.

You  have the impatience and think that just because you paid your money that its going to come without the work or little work at that..

if you see people have success congratulate them… remember those people paid the price and they never stopped and you can not feel entitled until you pay your dues.


Blame others for your success your sponsor, your company ,your product ,your comp plan.

Whatever you feel ect. ect. ect. outside of you that will allow you to take responsibility. You cannot blame others you are 110% control how fast you move at success.

Nobody is going to do it for you and you will own it all… if you don’t understand something it is your fault completely.

How resourceful are you? We live in a world where information is at our fingertips all you need to do is go to GOOGLE and type in the words “HOW TO”

So you cannot blame others its your fault for your success and or failures and as soon as you can own that.. then you become unstoppable

5. Continue to make excuses

Because I feel that way… get on camera … what? I am not technical… to be big in business you cannot have excuses and our own hangups whatever that is but you cannot have that in business.

if you see other people experiencing you cannot pick things you have to do the activity in general or in your business